Got me addicted like novacane, sitting here numb without a feeling.
Tried to retrace my steps with a little sexual healing.

Torn between the two, he wants what he can't have but works hard for what he's got.
Sitting on the bed as I watch him overdose, this is alot ....

What is a girl to do, when she's in love with someone who brings out the worst in her?
Laying on the bed, everything is starting to look like a blurr...

I've been drugged, & I'm addicted to your love
I get high off this feeling, this is what it does....

Living the best of both worlds, I watch him as he walks out of my life.
The pain won't go away, I feel like someone stabbed me with a knife..

Soo I sit and overdose on the one thing I'm addicted to, I'll wake up tommorow morning & roll over without a clue.

I'm more addicted to this drug than he is, I dont wanna come down off my high.
I've been here & done this before but i still wonder why ...

Mary jane Mary jane, please take me away
the pain is growing uncontrollably so i sit here and pray ...

Lord I've been here before & don't know what to do, I lost all hope and faith I had in you.

As i smoke i lift myself up as high as i can go, top it off with the molly as i start to feel slow.

I need a drink, Im still not in my right state of mind ...
he walked in & grabbed a bottle & said "which kind?"

I told him I'd take the finest he had, but i would prefer you..
the only drug I'm in love with & really addicted to.

Chills run down my spine as I float into another world.
Im addicted to a man thats in love with another girl ..


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