Numb, confused, lost inside this dark place. "where am I? Its so dark i can't see my

hands in front of my face." Searching his pocket he finds a lighter but no gas to power

it he sits in the corner miserable, just then he flips the lighter again it clicks some parts

of the room are now visible. Relief: heart filled and suddenly the cloud of darkness

slightly lifts cracks of the floor can be seen, music is faintly heard pushing a happy

sound up from the seams. Anger: the party is downstairs and no one has come to

rescue him, cloud expands a little and the room grows dim.... Realization: its an

emotional cloud one he put over himself to protect feelings from ever being harmed

again, fully equipped with happy he pushes the dark cloud back with eagerness times

ten. Gone: the cloud is no more as he wakes up from a coma caused by emotional

distress, family all around his hospital bed his first words "what a mess." Pain

sadness anger jealousy and other emotions have been pushed into the dark reccess

of the mind where they belong, substituted by happiness love and care these are the

feelings that should have been shown all along.


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