Nothing New

Speaking all came natural to me

Just the same as the birds and the bees

I always heard it was a reason that the caged bird sings

That just never resonated with me

See how can you sing when you know you are getting nowhere in life

Your voice is supposed to free you write

See when I speak it is like I’m setting a new stage on which my brothers can stand on

Because after a while I’ll be long gone

As my grandmother says I’ll be gone home

Up yonder so I try and leave my mark

And poetry is just my start

On your mark, set, go,

Will what I speak touch your soul

I don’t know but it’s from mine

I came to vent I got my heart broken a few times

I wrote all day and night line after line

It’s tough writing a stanza when your eyes hurt from crying

But never the less after the words were down this young man felt a whole lot better

It’s a lot of reasons I write, so I can’t say just one

Maybe I’ll have a better Idea when it’s all said and done.

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