Not What You Expected


United States
29° 49' 33.6648" N, 95° 45' 3.7728" W

You try to say you're sorry.
It's been five months since I saw light in your eyes.
All I see now is pure darkness in an inescapable abyss of my animosity for you.
I've moved on since then and accepted the fact that you didn't want to be in my life anymore.
I put myself first; found other things that made me happier than I've ever been while you were still here.
Because of that one day, that one mistake we made, you left me when I needed you the most.
I didn't have anyone and you didn't have a heart to care.
So now you come apologizing and trying to make amends with me after the evils of your past actions.
You turned me bitter, so if you talk to me bitter is what you will get.
Did you really expect me to forgive you so easily?
Who do you think you are? I haven't even forgiven my own mother.
I quit wasting my time on you a long while ago.
Attempts of trying to prove your guilt to me will do absolutely nothing anymore.
Please step away or I'll have to remove you yourself.
Your time has run out.


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