Not so Perfect

Who would know the short girl with the wavy blonde hair that reaches her waist, the grey eyes that sometimes turn blue or green, and the naturally straight teeth would hate herself?

The girl with the hour glass figure and the busty curvature would learn she wasn't perfect at a young age.

Because the acne was a little too pronounced and came too early, and her eyebrows were a bit too dark and bushy, and she looked weird with makeup.

The hair was frizzy and her feet were too wide, flat and large. The body and facial hair a little too thick and noticeable.

The pudge she had that she felt the need to just cut off since it wasn't burning fast enough. The purple stretch marks she had since she was small. 

The nose which was just a little too wide, the ears a bit waxier than average, the emotions that overtook her sense of self.

The tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time too often, her eyes beautiful but obviously filled with deep sadness.

From first glance, one may say she's perfect, but in reality she's not


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