Not the Others

Because I love you,

I’ll be your mirror, reflecting that gorgeous light that you shine when you can’t see it.

Because I love you,

I will tell you, quietly, when you have something stuck in your teeth.

I will bear your weight when you don’t feel strong enough,

I will remind you that you are strong enough, because you are here in the first place.

Because I love you,

I will stand beside you, hold your hand

And let you free when you need to be.

Because I love you,

I will let you bloom,

Always choose you as my favorite,

But never pluck you from your roots.


I will speak with you compassionately,

Never over you;

Never behind your back.

Because I love you,

I will respect your limits and boundaries,

Even when they don’t match my own.

Because I love you,

I will never stop learning you.

Because I love you,

Every day, until the sky seems to have burned out,

I will accept you as you.

Because I love you.

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Our world
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