not an object

The media tells us that youve got to be skinny, you got to wear loads of makeup to hide your natural pretty face, you cant breastfeed or go bare chested in public becaise thats just not right but you can over sexualize our bodies

Men tell us that we cant make decisions of our own bodies, whether or not we want an abortion, even if that could be beneficial to our health or we'd rather have it brlecause we were raped or our babies already dead, a till born. Men threaten to take away birth control not knowing that it helps those whose periods arent regular or have some problems. Men say that tampons and pads are a "luxury" and tax us more, up until 1975 they could rape their wives because there wasn't a law against it.

Nowadays we're catcalled on the street, pulled outta class because we're "distracting" the boys who can't put their eyes where they need to be, oversexualized for the media, carry pepper spray or take self defence classes, carry keys slotted between fingers when we have no choice but to walk home alone, always have our drinks by our sides in case someone slips something in it, have to worry that sometimes when we say no, boys and men will say no means yes and keep on doing it anyway.

We get paid less for a job because we don't have a penis. We're criticized by the media for either having kids, or not. We were once told by the army that we could not fight for our country in high ranking/high training positions. Lady liberty sees our way into the country, but does not warn us of the injustice thats getting out of hand.

If our skirts too long we are prude. If our skirts are too short we are "asking for it." When we say no or stop others interpret it as keep going. They dont understand when i say i don't wanna do that.

You gotta act a certain way, dress a certain way, nothing is ever "good enough", ladies we are all beautiful. Inside and out. We got our different talents that make us unique. So tell me girls, why do we let the men walk all over us, when we could stand on equal ground as them?

Lets hear it girls, for we are not an object. We are not a toy. We are not a slave. We...are women!


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