Sat, 09/07/2019 - 22:00 -- Maeva K

Everyday, I wake up

Wishing this day will be good

Tellig myself

You gonna get through it

But am I able?

Cuz when I see how people are

I just want to vomit

Not all of them, of course

They're saying you are weird

But they're are the aliens

They think by bullying you, they are perfect

And they fail to understand that we all got flaws

They want you to be perfect

Just as they think they are

I got my faults, do you wish I was perfect?

If that's how you want me to be

Then I am sorry

You want to see me in your self defined perfect?

That's NOT ME

 I do want friends, true

But I want them to love and respect me

For the real me

Not some mask 

But if they ain't seeing the best and my worst sides

The door is open, scram

Learn to be the real you,

cause it's satisfying

You musn't be perfect

Cause sometimes, your flaws bring out the beauty in you

Love Yourself as you are

Never change because people hate you, or are talking

Change for a good cause


This poem is about: 
Our world


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