Not Looking is Hard


United States
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Not looking is so hard, but,

Why, pray tell, is it so hard?

I just can't seem to let you go.

It seems near impossible

Not to look.

Not constantly search

For your angelic face throughout

This blurred, thronging crowd.

I sometimes think I see it, 

But then I remember.

You aren't here anymore.

Not dead, just moving on with your life.

And I'm stuck.

You never knew how I felt.

You still don't.

Only I know how I felt,

How I still feel.

(Well, me and almost all of my friends

Because what teenage girl doesn't

Tell her friends absolutely everything)

I look for you at the dances,

Then remember,

You aren't here.

You won't be coming back.

And it's just so hard

Not looking for you.

Not looking is hard.

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