Not enough time

Wed, 02/26/2014 - 18:59 -- Emileee

Laying down with tears in her eyes

She gets up with that knife knowing what it can do

She is sad,not even,depressed enough to feel she is not worth it

A waist of space, a no good nothing

Isolates herself in her room full of pain

Her heart aches as her wrists and thighs drain

From all those wounds, even though they have healed

She still feels the need to create more

Now she has created a master piece on her thighs

Because her rists have no more life

She has many thoughts of ending it tonight

But little does she know that her boy cries

For seeing her like this is something he can not take

All her smiles he know that she fakes

Kills him a little more inside

As she sits locked in her bathroom

With the thought of hate

She feels nothing more but this is her fate

As she holds that bottle of pills 

Her hands start to shake

She can no longer feel the pain for now she is comfortably numb

Sitting in the tub with nothing but blood

Now as she fades

She thinks about what would've happened if someone would've just saved her

If someone would've just said "I know you're not okay"

But now,it's too late.




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