Not Anymore


"Why must all that was once beautiful now be hideous? Why has the innocence of the world turned into the perversion of society?" Whispered a child with an utmost longing for reasons. "I don't understand?"  He said, as the happiness he once felt was stolen by sadness right in front of his eyes... And he fell to his knees, and he closed his eyes hoping for it to be a dream. "It's all a dream, it's all a dream," said the child. "It's not real... It's not real!" And as he screamed those words he felt an emptiness inside his chest. He could barely breathe and felt enclosed by four walls of hopelessness. The loneliness that had struck him made him lose all sense of emotions, but one... And as tears fell down his face, the child, finally understanding it all said "I'm not a child anymore."

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Our world
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Life is a hard, yet enriching journey. As a kid we all see this world in colors; roses, butteflies, and rainbows. We have no responsibilities, no hardships, nothing but happiness. The only moment you could have become mad or sad was when you did not get that toy you wanted so much, or your parents said no to that delicious happy meal from McDonalds. This is the inspiration to my poem; growing up and seeing it the world with newly born eyes once again.

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