Not Alone. Never Forgotten

The sky weeps.

Roaring at the injustice as she lay

The cold creeping, leaving her with nothing to say

There was nothing left

Everyone knew


Again, again, again

She pulled the air to her

Push, push, push

She presses her frail heart forward.

She knew


The weight of her life pushes and pulls

It tugs at her frayed nerves

Pushing the useless poison

All through her veins


Her momma did nothing but cry

Her papa’s bottle never left his hand

They both knew


Never again had she seen the fields of gold

The sunshine that so fondly kissed her cheek,

Or felt the wind play with her hair

Maybe because they knew too


As the wind howled

As the clouds roared

She could tell

That they knew too


She would die here tonight

The skin of her head smooth

Her bones rough and tired




The lamb willingly walked into a cold world

Where they knew, and she knew,

Where everyone knew


That the pushing and pulling

Was coming to an end.


That all was left in her journey through loneliness


Was sleep.


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