I use to remember you

That way you move your hair from your face

it strikes me down with nostalgia

Like being struck with the badge of honor from an epiphany


Too bad that cheap bulb no longer lights up though

An annoying itch is all you've become

Feelings of anguish like forgetting the words to your favorite song

I rebuke the nostalgia that is you


I no longer eat certain foods because they make me remember

not you in particular,

but the after thought, like the lingering aftertaste coffee gives sometimes

Black. Bitter. Coffee.


I tried to watch my favorite show today

Yet I remember I use to watch it with someone

Feelings of familiarity should be considered a curse

If only I could forget


I woke up on one side of my small bed today

funny because before you I used the whole bed

but I remember

I wish I could wash away this muscle memory


Yet its not all bad

I guess I kinda wish it was

Bad things linger for a moment before they biodegrade

but when its good....


the good don't just linger upon the surface of the skin

it becomes apart of your soul

like a trait from a past life I suppose

It's not you I remember, its...


simply. Nostalgic



Wow! Great poem. I like how you describe vividly each part that hurts you. It gives the reader a great picture in their head, not just words. Keep writing on my friend.


that's beautiful and so very true, The love that was the greastest always hurts the best.


Love it.

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