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I miss the days where there was no war, no strife
Everyone was happy, not one cry
No horrors or crimes
No troubling times
You could walk the night streets by yourself
and not have to look over your shoulder to watch out for someone else
I miss the times where a brother
would watch out for the other
When someone said "you have my word"
you had it, no funny business about it

I miss the era where the only worry we had
was catching the school bus
And family time was a must
When we had to be home before the street lights lit
And you couldn't be late, not even just one bit
And your bike didn't have a kickstand
So you'd lay it on its side
and no one would take it but instead just walked around it
When the days were long
And the nights were longer
and those long nights built a strong friendship stronger
When you could tell even your enemy your secret,
and they'd keep it

I miss the years where we didn't care about what others thought
and our differences didn't tear us apart
But they brought us closer
And love was a roller coaster
Not a drag racing strip
It wouldn't start and end so quickly
It was full of ups and downs and lasted so sweetly

I miss the age where music, was music
When they didn't abuse it
or misuse it
Now-a-days they take it, corrupt it, then reproduce it
Back then, music was full of passion
It wasn't made to fit in with the current fashion
It was made because it was poetry,
backed with a sweet melody
Words, sounds, and passion combined so incredibly

I miss the love we had
Love was the seed that our parents planted in us
Our roots growing strong from family
The stem stretching, reaching friends, strangers, lovers, and others
And blooming into beautiful passion for anything and everything
Passion for life

But over time our passion deteriorated
Our passion wasn't as strong
Passion was hated
Because it was never showered with love,
the blossom became weak and brittle and crumbled to the ground
And the earth disposed of it
Like it never existed

All that was left was the stem and the roots
But over time love for others quickly left completely
We started not to care for the needy
Started not to care about our friends and other loved ones
Backstabbing and talking negatively,
causing drama and distance substantially
Because it was never showered with love,
the stem slowly shrunk smaller and smaller until the earth disposed of it
Like it never existed

All that was left were the roots
But over time family no longer existed
Drama and distance persisted
Brothers killing brothers
Mothers divorcing fathers
Sisters fighting sisters
Because it was never showered with love,
the roots slowly dried up until the earth disposed of it
Like it never existed

I miss all of this
But how can I miss all of this when my life didn't even exist?
How can I be so nostalgic of a world I never knew?
How can I reminisce of things past yet never lived it?

I miss the life I never lived
I miss the world I never knew


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