I long to go back to those crisp summer days
Where everything stood still Within one single hug
Back to a time where right and wrong always seemed to blur
And simple truths were always there: Easy to see, and never changing.

In that world, one may think, That there were no troubles
And everything could be fixed with cuddling.
Within little thoughts, so easy and pure, fear was nonexistent,
until you got into trouble.

Life is chosen for you,
But soon that will change
Thrust upon you
A life that's not yours.

Light once so bright, precious and dear,
Soon begins to darken from brilliant gold to sickly dark brown.
Blackness overcoming and heart set to soar,
Mind quickly racing and quite unsure.

How can one help, but remember those days
When a plushy and Mommy kept out all the scaries.
Those were the days when crying meant not being weak, shallow, or stupid
It simply meant being human.

Yes I long for those days, with sad regret
When you always had a safety net: a blanket at home, always ready for you.
I yearn for that comfort with each passing day
All the while gaining more and more gray

Once upon a time, love meant only one thing: Mommy and Daddy.
Not some boy down the street that always smiles crookedly.
A time when fairy tales ruled your mind
and imagination was easily spurred.

Depression was too big a word to understand
And running away, meant playing a game.
Green was just a color, not a symbol for money.
Music was always simple, with a few random keys here and there.

An "A" meant a letter that you didn't know very well,
Not a grade for a test, or a yell for not getting one.
So here I am, longing to go back to a time far, far before today
Back to a time when I, could be me.


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