At night I think of you because you were the hardest to lose, this is coming straight from zeus, i cannot smile when i don't see texts from you so to conclude you're the happiness that needs to be cued don't be confused you know you're the only one for me even if you don't love me its likely that you being in my life is destiny or whatever you wanna call it, sleepless nights has me adoring you like no other, even id there were another 2 I'd reject the offer, poetic but you're the doctor, my condition is better but your loves fleeting faster, please come closer for closure since this has all been about my exposure hopefully I'm talking to mt old gf so her heart strings may spring aboard , when you're around im never flawed or bored you keep me on a path that doesn't end in a cord, to my accord our relationship was a grace in my life it showered me im light that somehow now i cant find but this is not me giving up I'll always fight, went through things we still haven't shared in my case its weight on my chest, i know i can't turn back time but for you i would if i could the princess to my prince your crown awaits patiently on my desk, cactus children hopefully spike lee is doing better than a prick like me, all i need is you then i can see clearly, since that ship has sailed and the train was derailed hopefully you can forgive me for being stained, please share your secrets and it'll be frame no more dumb talking sealed like clay, just know you know you're forever ganna be my day one babe

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Mohamed Tahir


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