Nonsense Talker

I ramble on

Like no one is watching.

You don't interupt me,

And I wish you would.


Tell me I'm crazy

That I make no sense, right?

You can't stand my talking

About the things that make

No sense at all


Say that I'm nonsense.

That you're not on the fence

Of leaving me.

I know I talk like

A broken record.

Tell me that I have no standards 

Cause you know I don't.


I'm just a nonsense talker,

A failing daughter,

Of spoken words.

I don't get why 

You haven't run away yet.

Did you place a bet

With Father Time?


I'm surprised that 

You have no words yet.

To stop this nonsense 

Of mine.


I carry on

With insane words

That seem not to phase or blur.

I mention a secret,

Hope that you'll keep it.

Or is it a lie?


Tell me I'm reckless,

That I can't control my mouth, right?

Why don't you stop me?

Or is it so easy 

To bear the truth at all?


Say that I'm nonsense,

That you can't take a glance 

Of what I am at all.

Do I remind you

Of what intensity can do?

Why don't you just yell

And say that I'm "hell?"

Cause I know I am.


I'm just a nonsense talker,

Why am I not six feet under

For the things I've said?

It's the only way

I can feel human.

All I can say is,

It's all I've ever been.


Will you hear what I have to say?


I hope this won't make you run away.


And I don't have a script to convey...


But...what am I to you?


Do I leave you breathless?

Am I such a mess 

That it makes you blind?

I feel like you don't understand this heart of mine.


You know that I'm a nonsense talker,

It's not a shocker.

Yet here we are.

Why don't you say I'm a lost cause?

Though you say I never was?

Well what am I?


You say "All that a human could be.

So why can't you see?

You're the only one 

With the right state of mind."


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