Her voice is fading from my mind,
As time rushes on without her.
The time for warm hugs to bind
us have long since passed.
Remembering the past is difficult as it grows more
distant with each passing day.
Knowing that neither this nor
that will bring you back to us.

I was proud then because I never cried,
but held up others as they mourned.
I wish now that I hadn't lied,
and had let someone hold me as well.

Funerals have never felt real,
and yours was no exception.
Knowing that the body in the casket couldn't feel
the tears and hugs and loving gestures.
It couldn't actually be you in there,
you were supposed to be hugging your family now.
Yet there you remained, hair
spread round the cream pillows.

I miss the strong sound of her voice,
the determination in her walk.
Even though this wasn't her choice,
I still want her to walk right back to us.



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