This is me

Half Black

Half White

In a society that doesn't take that into account

A society that sees me and assumes 

I am fully Black

Which is not bad

but in a society that doesn't care for those who are darker

It makes me wish I was a little bit lighter

This is me  

Loving boys

Loving girls

In a household that doesn't want to believe it

A household that shapes and molds me

To be what they want

Which is not bad

But in a household that doesn't accept the real me

It makes me wonder if they truly love me

This is me

Many mistakes

Many grudges 

In a body that won't let me move on 

A body that can't let go of the past

This is me

Which is not bad

But in a country where freedom is supposed to be granted

It makes me become hateful

To those who won't let me be me

But the biggest person in the way of that is


This is me

A cowardess girl

A girl who can't speak her mind

In a corner of shame

Letting fear of judgement consume her whole

Which is bad

But constantly being looked down upon 

because of her skin

or her sexuality

or her past

Is making her confidence disppear

The confidence for her to stand up for herself and yell



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