No, We Can't

What point is there in life when it's full of sadness and pain?

Can people truly be happy and forget the pain that others seem to be in?

Can we all forget sadness and pain, just to be with the one we love or will we just simply accept it and move on?


We don't need to forget and accept pain and sadness, because it's always in front of us, never letting us forget.

We will never accept or overcome anything so saddening or depressing

Each simple day can turn into a pain taht can never be burdened or put into words.

No matter how many times you run from it, it will catch up to you no matter how fast you are.

So tell me, can people truly be happy and truly forget that unbearing pain that will remain as scars in our hearts and minds?

No, we can't.

Because death is something that can not be avoided, forgiven, nor forgotten.


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