No Way Out

It surrounds me,

It smothers me,

It hides me,

It even protects me...


Without it I can do nothing

With it I can do nothing

In my time of need it lifts me up

In my time of happiness it drags me down

Nothing can hurt it

But it can hurt everyone


It's everywhere I turn

It's everywhere I run

I can't hide...

I can't run...

I will never be able to escape


It burrowed into my soul

Every nook and cranny

Not a single speck of light left


All I want to do is leave

But I know I could not do it

I've tried before

But never succeeded

To take a life

Not even my own

Is much too hard

And much too sad


As I fight it

It tries to kill me

But forces me to live.

It tries to harm me

But allows me to help others

It keeps me from truly living

But won't allow me to kill myself


So it surrounds me

... smothers me

... hides me

... protects me

Until it slowly kills me


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