No Water

I've been traveling for days, no water in sight

My tongue is dry, I need Your life.

The sun burns bright, it shines in my eyes

As the sky goes from light to the darkest of nights.

The darkness grows blacker as I hear howls around me,

The creatures of this dessert have overtaken me,


Saved me.

The creatures of this dessert are friends to me, not enemies.

I watch the stars start to fade,

The grey-skied dawn turns to day.

We continue on our journey, my friends and I,

Our path unclear, no life in sight.

An endless journey...

Until You found me.

Peace, finally. No more traveling. 

My friends have left me, but You're still with me.

My friends grow thirsty, but not me.

        I have living water living in me.

You lead me from this hot, dry dessert

With nights cold as ice.

Our path is clear, our home is in sight.

You've satisfied me, You've given me life.

And now...

I'm home.




this poem, has a lot of depth to it, it's very sadistic, but still has religous hints, has an hopeful emo tone to it. i really liked thought it was beautiful good job.


ps. love the CS lewis quote.


Thanks, man! That means a lot. Not sure how it's sadistic, though. And yeah, I love C.S. Lewis.

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