No More Reality TV!



                              No More  Reality TV!
     For the life of me, why do I care when you fart or if you're smart? Who cares if you are a redneck or wear  a turtleneck?  I don't care!
     How you eat or wash your feet? Lay around and be a clown. Going to town, letting him down? I don't care!
     If you smoke, if you joke, if you choke, if you're broke? Really, your car, your bar, where you hide your jar?  I don't care!
     Your madness, your gladness, your sadness? Your anger, your danger, are you a stranger?  I don't care! 
     Fools, swimming pools and your tools? Shops, cops and what knots? I don't care! 
     Your hair, your affair and your dare? Your crying, sighing and lying?  I don't care!  
     Your fears, your beers and your jeers? Your day, your pay and your  play, I don't care!
     Your time, choice of wine or favorite kind? Your hat, your cat, you're fat?  I don't care!  
     Your drugs, your hugs and your self serving plugs?  Your house, your spouse and even your pet mouse?  I don't care!


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