No More

Tue, 09/29/2015 - 22:35 -- jerlee

With you, we are alive

The star won’t bloom in my eye’s

Without you it a broken world

However, it a beautiful breeze

It always felt like a sad storm

With your presences

With your tears

It always shine


There’s fireworks that can never scream

Can never be heard

But, with you…

It can scream, it can shout, it can yell,

It can be heard, across the world


That why I can sit here

inside of a storm

Because it’s you

Who I can only hear


There’s a perfect melody

With your voice, it whispers,

No more, no more.... no more…


With you,

The road will split

It can be rigid

It can be smooth

However, it’s only one road

That will always felt like a shackled mountain

With your presence

With your tears

It will shatter


There’s a perfect melody

With your voices, it whispers,

No more, no more… no more


Jer L.



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