No More

Sun, 10/05/2014 - 13:16 -- emaru8

 Change is such a simple thing, from new lives to matching rings. But in this world in which we all survive, there's one change we need for our society to thrive. We need equality for everbody regardless of who; equality for everyone starting with you. Women shouldn't be afraid to roam the streets at night, because someone might hurt them once they step out of the light. And people should be allowed to love whoever they feel is right, they shouldn't be told that their love is a sin out of cowardly spite. No one should be told what they believe in is dumb, because those things can wound a person and make them go numb. We need a change in equality the most; I'd make the unequal world we live in a memory; just a ghost. Everyone would, at last, be treated the same; no more of this rigged carnival game. No more of the lies that 'everything is fair,' when in some places, tear gas tears through the air. No more of the hatred against people just for their color, it's time that we all learned to love one another. It's time that we all learned to do what was right, step up and help those people through this dark night. It's time that we let people love who they want to; it's time that we aloow for people's true colors to shine through. But most of all, it's time for us to grow; for those repressed to finally know. Let their chains be broken, let them cast out the metal ring. Because a change of equality would be a beautiful thing.      AW W  


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