No More


No more hurting, no more suffering.

For in suffering, there is hate, and in hate, there is no love.

Love, is what we need to prosper in this depressed, oppressed country we call México.

The suffering of our ancestors and the battle cry of the slain souls,

have helped shape us.

Not only in the way that we should learn from our past,

but that we should embrace it.

For the history of Mexico is like roots.

Because what is a tree, without its roots?


Though Rivera’s mural may not exploit, the main points of Mexico’s history,

it does project the process of progress of thousands of years of oppression and its outcome.

From Father Hidalgo, to The Zapatista’s, our fight for the flight of this country will not end.

Nor will the suffering of the Mexican people.

So for now and until my death, I will pray for no more hurting, and no more suffering.

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