No Matter How Far

I flew without fear, for I knew you were near

I could soar through clouds and never scare to come down.

I could sleep with the stars and dance on the moon

Your love was always there to carry me through.

Like a single star belonging to the night sky, that is what you are

I saw your shine, no matter how near nor far.

But like a star, you too dimmed, you too had scars.

Your rays grew weary and your time ran thin.

I lost a part of me,

when your beating heart finally gave in.

How could I live without such love?

How can I believe when my believer has been disposed of?

My soul broke in two, the other half ran off to find you.

My heart is what you took

How could I turn the last page of my favorite book?

I found you not, I searched but you were nowhere clear.

Not til I let go and lived your message, did I then find you here.

Now every night I strum your guitar

I play for the brightest of lights,

For I know that is your star.

I was silly to have forgotten you still shined

No matter how near nor far.

But, oh how I still wonder, where you are.

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