No Matter the Cost

She waits on the street corner,

Looking like a foreigner.

Tears rush down her dolled up face

As she awaits in her place.

Boys from everywhere like dust

Beginning to feed their lust.

She stands there and takes it all

Because she had hit the wall.

There was no hope for this girl

This gorgeous treasure, a pearl.

She had failed so many times

Committing so many crimes

She knew that this was her life

Forever to live in strife.

Then a Man came from nowhere

Her eyes could not help but stare.

Blue and red lights filled the night

The boys ran from the bright sight

The man quickly ran over

Completely embracing her

He said, “Baby please come home!”

She replied, “Dear, let me roam.

You don’t know all that I’ve done…”

He hushed her and said, “Don’t run.

Your sins can’t keep us apart.

I’ve wanted you from the start.”

“But what of my debts?” She asked.

“I’m beginning to get threats!”

He smiled and said, “All paid.

This is why I wish you stayed.

Don’t you know my love for you?

There’s nothing I would not do!

If only you would have seen,

That forever you’re my Queen!”

That, fellow readers, is love.

Not magic found up above

It’s when everything seems lost,

Loving, no matter the cost.



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