No Love In This Crazy World

Fri, 11/29/2013 - 15:01 -- JaePree


This is a crazy cold world, the troubles I see

The evils surrounding you and me

Mothers crying, children dying

Gunshots leaving fresh corpses on the street

Money hs ruined our common sense

Innocent people lie in ditches

Crying babies, no father around

Misguidance cursing the fatherless child

All he knows is bang, bang

Ignorant to piece

Just picking up a piece

Click,clack, pow! No peace!

All he knows is the streets

In love with the concrete he walks on

The prey he stalks with just one sound

The sound of pistol. Thunders the town

Sanity doesn't exist on this planet

The Devil has plagued our minds

Destroyed our souls and numbed our hearts

Where is the love?

Ain't none. Not in the world I live.





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