No Fun

Whose life is that? I think I know

Having to grow up early was no fun

Forced to work two jobs and go to school

Forced to be an adult because my mom chose to quit her job

Forced to give my mom my savings because

unemployment took forever to kick in

Forced to raise not only myself but my two other siblings and my mom as well

I was forced to be the parent

It really is a tale of woe

All the responsibilities of being a parent were passed on to me

I was the middle child and somehow I still had to take care of everyone

A teenager with no real experience

Not even ready to have kids of her own

Taking care of two

I would frown

Cry for help

Sob until the tears make

Life was a struggle, fast and deep

But I had promises to keep

Making sure we were all taken care of was my main priority

Until then I shall not sleep

What was fun?

Survival is what I knew

Although, I idolised being dead

Facing the day with never ending dread

Adulting is not fun.


This poem is about: 
My family
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