No family

My mother chose the bottle over my bus fare. Just like when I was younger she chose her boyfriend over me who even he use to beat the living crap out of me.

Then turned around left him to get her self together and let my cousin move in who repeatedly molested me. And she got the nerves to ask me why is there so much built up anger in me!


My brother didn't believe me when I told him his guy offered me bus fare and shoes for sex, he even said forget moms drop out of school to be his boo! But his also chose the guns over me because if I hadn’t of walked the long way home I've been right there when they came to shoot up our home.


My sisters don't like me, better yet they barely claimed me till their boyfriends came over and talked about how I'm the pretty one with the longest hair and the only one out the entire house with a high school diploma. Also because I chose school over dudes so I'm baby-less  and they hated this so to them I'm just tryna act like I'm better but really im just tryna take care of them which is my really why I climbing this success ladder.


My dad said he love me but it's kinda hard to believe when he never even hugged me! Never shower up to my basketball games, graduation, or didn't even offer his home when I was living in somebody else basement! Better yet he had the nerves to tell me ‘I'll never know him and when he died and I'll never be able to know him,”  but what's crazy is I'm living in Chicago watching my friends day by day wondering "is today my day" and he's sitting in Texas behind a desk owning 2 car, 2 horse, and paying off a mobile home! Meanwhile I'm wondering what imma eat when I get home!


My granny is the only one who believed in me, she didn't even know what I was going for but she didn't care. She told me it don't matter because out of them all God chose you! And I never knew what that meant till I got to college and was able to looked back! That's when I realized God is what's awesome to me.

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My family
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