Night of Darkness- Final Version

Fear not

For I shall do my part 

To battle back the blinding dark

Even as my weakened heart betrays my soul.


Be brave! 

Although the hoarfrost bites, 

And the wild wind roars

The world will surely be here in the morn.


Think of smiles,

Think of light, 

Think of spices, 

And green lush life. 


Think of faces,

old and young, 

Of plays and stories, 

And music sung.



And if tomorrow never comes... 

If next week is just a dream

At least we go down swinging,

Never silent, ever singing...



Though the hour soon arrives, 

Dreams defend us, enshrined in light.


Oh brilliant Sun-

Shine, blazing bright! 

Burn away the mist, 

Set us aright

This poem is about: 
Our world


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