The Next Moments


Have you ever looked around

and realized how far down hill we've gone?

Have you realized how

all or nothing

life or death

my life has become?

I have one chance to make it.

One chance to prove them all wrong.

One chance to prove them all right.

I'll do whatever it takes

to breathe a little longer,

walk a little farther,

climb a little higher

out of my own personal Hell on Earth.

Have you noticed how chilly my life has become?

Have you noticed how ded it all seems to me now?

Nothing seems to warm this heart o' mine.

Or bring life to my eyes.

Have you noticed how explosive I have become?

Have you noticed the bomb buried deep within me?

Everything seems to ignite the fuse,

I can't keep my anger down.

My words are sharp as knives,

My thoughts like grenades.

Maybe when my life starts back up the hill,

and nothing depends on this moment before us,

my body will breathe in the heat of life,

and my temper will cool with icy calm.

They called it Freedom.

They lied.

The next moments in life are a panicky

Undetermined hell.

With but a sole survivor.




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