Newspaper Clipping

I sit in class; it’s just Another day.
Smiles and laughs are Shared.
Happiness fills the room with Cheer.
“Circle up” says Teacher’s voice,
and we do just as she wishes.
She holds up a piece of newspaper;
which she begins to read it aloud;

“A Life
can End
in a Instant.”
Suddenly, air is un-breathable.
I tell myself I’m Fine,
but to myself I Cannot lie.
Rivers thrash against their dams;
I Won’t allow the flood to break.

“… Shock … Memories … Death …”
Images rushing, flashing by;
Never-ending phone calls,
Stories told and Experiences shared,
the Loving advice from the one person
I could Always go to.
The paranoia of her coming words
keeps me in Fear.

“ Gone ”

My eyes Shoot down to the floor;
the dams losing the battle
in one Single, lone Word.
I shield my face,
though it’s obvious I’m a Wreck;
I Won’t look up,
I Won’t meet Their staring eyes.

Biting my lip, holding back my whimpers,
I feel this Weakness taking its Control.
No Longer am I where I was;
No Longer am I me.
I am a Victim, a Victim of this pain.

When my sight goes blurry
I think about running,
but I am remain unmoving;
I give up the fight.
Teacher, she continues;
“An important lesson one should learn…”
The Rock in my throat tells me,
I’ve learned it
a little Too well.

She ends her reading.
I close my eyes, finally coming up.
Seems as though Forever
until I manage to open them again.
Pretending everything’s Fine
I turn to my side
She looks me, Straight Into Me,
and wraps me in a hug.

More droplets fall
from their unending burst,
but in that moment
when She asks me,
“Are you okay?”
I can respond and say,
At Least for another day.



Loving this poem. You make it really seem like a stream of consciousness that pulls in bits of reality (just as minds do when preoccupied and interrupted by the outside world). This is so good. Please share more of your work!

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