The News

Wed, 04/10/2019 - 00:48 -- EllyM

Ten years old
I'm still a kid
At 7 it was cartoons
At 8 it was school
At 9 it was music
At 10 it was library
At 11 it was arts and crafts
At 12 it was lunch
At 1 it was silence
At 2 it was cleaning up
At 3 it was home
At 3 it was the news
At 3 it was the news
Of 20 children dead
Of 6 teachers dead
Of 1 mother dead
At 7 it was cartoons
But the monkey couldn't save the day
At 7 it was the news
I am 16 years old
At 5 it is the news
It's the news

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Our world


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