New Years regrets


Phoenix ,Arizona
United States

Sometimes people dont get it, fighting on a bus ,packed with adolescence is plan selfish ,and ignorant. THE lady in front of me pulled out that nice galaxy 3,yup that one with the big touchscreen .she was like “I'm about to film this,make these fool's Facebook famous,and then flip it, hype it. i thought to myself how can this be a new year, nothing has changed. I realized that with that clear crisp wine glass,and some of nice smooth wine, that makes the new years parry a blast...just gives a selfish yet humbling reason admit our screw ups. New years resolution dont exist ;only in those fictional movie's,and that prehistoric ice age ish. make change. I'll see that bus another time, but im headed to Arizona mills mall to enjoy my life time, the hour glass is running out ,but life is just beginning as the words of inspiration ,consumes me & feeds me motivation. I can honestly see my new years now 

no regartes to pull me down .


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