New Years Poem

cheers to the year

that i lost friends, i

lost connections, i

lost myself.

to 2016, a year that

has been so utterly

malignant to my soul,

it has made my chest numb. 

to the year that best friends

became best memories and 

insecurities ate away at the

strings holding me together.

and when blurry recollections

becamse a clear reality.


twelve months

of pure agony and disappoinment

and my birthday was not a year

more of life but a year

closer to death.


hooray to the year i finally

grasped onto the thought that i

was not dreaming about your skin

on mine, i was living the nightmare

of you taking my innocence.


365 days of a scale showing the same number

but my chest feeling heavier because

who knew the feeling of emptiness could be

so dense?

somehow, i spent 52 weeks with back pain

attemtping to carry such a low self esteem

upon my small shoulders.


8,760 hours of my blue thread becoming

darker shades and my loved ones

cutting me off because they all preffered

to be stitched with the sun instead of

the night sky.



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