"New Start"

"New Start"

Beginning of a new start.

Dated a dude calling me sweetheart 

Of course, I fell for his trap

Put up with one year of his crap

Attitudes and fights each and everyday

My heart turned cold and grey 

But because I was a sweet girl, I was down for him.

Get in trouble with him

Gave him sex 24/7 and he took it like it was funny to him.

Called him king and put a crown on him

Gave ALL my hard working money to him

Even broke a couple of limbs for him

But of course he didn't care

Didn't even want to share

Asking me for money here and there

Wonder why I got trust issues 

Cried so hard everyday, I spent 20 dollars worth of box tissues. 

At the age of 20, he lived with his brothers and mama. 

Yea, I had to deal with all the drama.

They blame me for stuff, called me a using all his money chick.

But that wasn't it.

His mam had a mouth and it was slick.

O, the things I had to deal with.

Him being my first, he took my mind, soul, and most diffidently my body. 

I really thought I was somebody.

I realize I was a used beautiful lady, that was kept in his trapped, maybe.

Still don't know how it feels to be treated

He used all my money and cheated

I'm still overheated, feels like I have a giant hole in my heart.

Nobody will ever fix the broke pieces. 

I always feel like I get weak and fall apart

But every lady needs that beginning of a new start. 

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