The New Sodom And Gomorrah

Ancient Sodom and Gomorrah completely fell a long time ago.

And any system that resembles Sodom and Gomorrah will completely fall.

Sadly, nobody can prevent this calamity from happening.

Gays want to take over the world and lead us into another Sodom and Gomorrah.


Perhaps we are now living in the new Sodom and Gomorrah.

People, open your minds, and stand up for your rights.

Do not let bad-minded politicians and gays take away your right to free speech.

Where are the sensible and responsible heterosexuals?


If a policeman killed a member of your family under questionable circumstances,

I am certain that you would speak out against it.

What is so special about homosexuals and lesbians?

Why is everybody afraid to express his or her honest opinions on this issue?


You allow the leaders of your countries to brainwash you.

They have a deceptive legislation about free speech,

But they do not even begin to understand what free speech is.

Guides whose minds are blind cannot lead you.


Denouncing the actions of a person is not physically attacking the person.

Gays have the right to live their dirty lifestyles,

But neither they nor anyone else can force people to accept them.

I do not like the practise of gays and I have the right to say it.


Every time you denounce gays, they say you are preaching violence against them.

That is complete rubbish with an unpleasant odour.

Dishonest people deliberately twist and misrepresent your arguments,

But do not be afraid to speak out against wrongdoing.


Gays do not have more rights than heterosexuals.

Everybody has equal rights, so everybody should be allowed to speak freely.

I cannot prevent gays from practising nastiness and obscenity,

But I can say that I do not approve of it and I will never approve of it.

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My country
Our world


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