Mon, 11/23/2020 - 21:32 -- Aquanfu

The New Normal


We all are seeing things we’ve not seen before

It’s not threat of terror or nuclear war

When you turn on the news,here’s the new topic

The thing that may kill you is just microscopic

People locked in their homes

People scrambling for meals

It’s like a sci fi movie

but it’s happening for real

They’ve said “shelter in place”

This do not ignore

With emergency powers

it’s like martial law

Each breath you take may be close to your last

So now the whole world is hiding behind a mask

Some folks are buying up guns, just waiting to see

if the dam thing results in an-ar-chy

We’ve got quarantines and mass paranoia

Mandated social distance and closing of borders

and speculation about a “new world order”

What’s really happening is hard to see

Cause the’re all kind of theories presented to me

There are those who think they found some new revelation

Cause those 5G towers ,They think cause radiation

But whatever it is or where ever it’s going

The death count in the world just seems to keep growing

For this invisible enemy one thing seems for sure

People are dying and right now there’s no cure

And if we “flatten the curve” is it just academic?

Or are we sitting around waiting for the next pandemic?

No matter what we think or who is to blame

Now and forever ,the world won’t be the same

So if you’re praying to heaven or think it’s something from hell

Keep your eyes and ears open and try to

stay well

Robert Bass

April 11,2020



This poem is about: 
Our world


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