A New Era

Sat, 07/01/2017 - 14:44 -- cbecke9

Once upon a time,

Dreamy princess tales taught little girls that they needed to wait for their Prince Charming to come

And this was the only way they would truly be happy one day.

So, these little girls grew up under these preconceived notions

That they, too, would only have fun at prom if they got asked by a cute boy

And they, too, needed to spend their high school years trying to outdo each others’ beauty to capture his attention

And the only type of agency they needed to have regarded decreasing their dress size.

So, they forgot to pursue passions of their own

And they focused only on their appearance, in hope that one day, a man would fall in love with their beauty.


But then one day,

Cinderella was scrubbing the floor and she overheard the stepsisters swooning over heartthrob Prince Charming

And she laughed in their faces

“Why are you so concerned about marrying?” she asked her sisters

Their reply: “because we want to be happy one day.”

Then, later that night, Cinderella realized that she didn’t want to scrub floors anymore


But she didn’t wait for a Fairy Godmother, or for a Prince Charming.


She gathered a few articles of clothing and left the house

Because Cinderella always secretly wanted to go to law school.

So, Cinderella went to law school and graduated top of her class

And she began her career

She wanted to love somebody, but it wasn’t a priority

She was just having fun winning cases for her clients.


And then one day, Prince Charming happened to need a lawyer

Because he lost control of his horse and carriage

And crashed into somebody’s cottage.

He quickly contacted the best lawyer in his kingdom, Cinderella of course,

And was instantly in awe over her passion for arguing court cases

She looked so powerful, so strong as she argued—and won—his case

He didn’t know what hit him.

He fell in love so quickly, because he had never seen a woman with such fiery hot passion

So, he respectfully asked her to dinner

They went on several more dates and he always treated her as his equal

And Cinderella, too, began to love this man.


And then something so magical, so powerful, so unique began to happen around the world

The gold lettering in all the little girls’ fairytale books lifted off the pages

And swirled around in the air, glimmering so whimsically

And the words settled back down, but were replaced with this new version of Cinderella’s story.

And the owners of these books grew up to also have fiery hot passions

Some became CEOs, some became doctors, some also became lawyers

And they found love because their significant others fell in love with the passion they held

Passion for something other than beauty, for a tiny waist size, for the latest trends.

And thus began a new marvelous era for women.

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