A New Day....A New Memory


United States
35° 19' 46.3548" N, 93° 4' 39.5652" W

A morning light

The sun peaking through my window to greet me

A ray of light that shows me hope has come

Hope that the day will go great

Hope that this is a new day

To wake up every morning to someone who cares 

To be bitten by three puppies because they need to go poddy

Time slowly passes as I remain in class

The awaited bell as lecture after lecture slowly passes as I fall into a blank void

Teachers so busy to see the world as it is

Students so worried to be who they were meant to be 

I stear at those people with a small disbelief 

I say to myself try to be greater than them

school slowly fades away as I take the bus home 

A bus full of children for their childish beliefs

How cramped it can be once it's time to leave 

As I arrive home to my grandparents a slight glee

There is food ready for a second lunch

Finished my homework it is time to read

Later some art to fill up my time 

Night has arrived it is time to sleep

The memories of today of my family and friends are always with me

Remember their smile remember their life 

Because once I close my eyes all I see is nothing but pure and utter dark...

The moon being my light

The light that has me fight

To fight for memories of everything with all of my might

The tears of fright the tears of hate

Hold it all back for those who truly care

To wake up in the future and go to college

To wake up and make a call to my family

To know that they are smiling to know that their waiting for me to come back home

To know that the world will hear my voice 

And that this voice will make a difference 

And that every memory will always be with me


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