New Begininngs

New Beginnings by Christian Betancourt 


Cheers to the new year! 

A new year, 

A new beginning, 

As they say. 



Last year is in the past now 

They are old memories,


Hidden inside a wooden box 

With no key to retrieve them, 

And with no place in the present. 

They have no effect on the new year. 


Today is a blank new page

Inside a journal,

If you will. 

Waiting to be written. 

A new chapter in our lives. 

A new dawn. 

A new spring. 

A fresh new breather of air. 

So let's make this year, 

The new year, 

The best year we've ever had. 


New challenges may surface, 

Struggles and hardships may arise, 

In the new coming year. 

That is fine. 

For I have new ways of  

Approaching this challenges 

And every challenge brings 

A new opportunity for growth 

And improvement. 


If I fall 

I will wipe the dust off my shoulders 

Scrape the grease off my shoes 

And pick myself up 

To get back on my feet. 

If I cannot get back up, 


Then I will crawl. 

For there is no time to dwell, 

On negative experiences. 

Not this year at least. 

Nor in the coming years. 



This year  

I am a lot smarter than the year before. 

Those old mistakes  

Do not define me anymore. 

They are old, 


And left behind last year.

Yet have helped me to, 

Grow and mature, 

Into the man that stands today. 

A much wiser and sharper version, 

Of my myself. 


New people shall enter, 

And even exit my life, 

As the fortune cookies say. 

That is fine. 

This is a common cycle in life, 

That I am willing to abide by. 

Those that stay , 


Those that leave, 

Are perfectly welcomed to. 

The door is open, 

For both, 

By all means. 


So let's embrace the new year 

And seize each opportunity of happiness. 

Every warm hug and smile. 

Every pat on the back.

Every high-five.

Every gift from anyone. 

Embrace it. 

Cheers to the new year, 

For it is a brand new year, 

Filled with joyful experiences.


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