New Adventures - My Year in Poetry

The more I ponder what happened this year...

Remembering everyone's fear 

and all the lovers I held dear. 

Nothing compares to my lovely affairs 

as a traveler who cares. 


Califorina won my heart, 

from the golden gate to the magic park. 

finding love and showing off cali's parts.

nothing compares to lesson learned 

that by not worrying you get what you yearned 


Laissez les bons temps rouler

exposed to religious ideas everyday,

reminded of magic in every way 

The Big Easy showed me: 

freedom is key 


everyday life I spent on the lake

sorrounded by friends for good sakes 

Late night runs for milkshakes 

oh those hometown nights,

taught me to hold on tight 


I have fallen in love, been broken a few times or so

Made mistakes, bent the rules, but it was all a good show

2016 was a hell of year, it wasn't a blow 

For all the memories I've captured 

I owe it to all my adventures 






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