Never judge a homeless man!

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 21:47 -- Jakirah


Ever wonder why everybody cannot be as fortunate?

Burns a whole through my brain, its scorching its

Stories behind faces that can be torturous.  

Think they're just asking for money? No, there's more to this. 

Was he a lawyer, an attorney? 

Was she a judge? Does this concern me? 

"It's not my busines, I'm still learning..."

That's what a teen would say

I would know, I'm a teen

Seven years old and we develop our dreams 

Just to grow up and be apart of a team

Some may have taken the wrong route, at least that's what it seems 

I drive past a man every morning on way my school

He holds a sign in the air, the courtesy for food 

Not only does he ask, but he writes "God bless you"

Homeless, but he's humans and we all need some protection 

People treat the homeless as if it's a disease 

Walking buy, they drop a dime, but all its really a tease

All they want to do is make it, they want to live a life

Where sleeping in a bed, is where they sleep at night 

Eat whatever food they wanted, not a simple little bite 

You can change somebody's day simply saying "hey"

Just like you can speak to a homeless man. 

"Hello, what's the matter?" 

His head is down, he might not answer 

His heart is broke, it might be shattered 

His head is sore, it might be battered 

You never know the situation, so never judge a homeless man. 



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I love this!(: Great job!  Reminds me of a poem once I wrote about a homeless man, but yours is WAY better! haha (: great job, keep it up!

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