they say life is all about the struggles,

bt i say no u dont have to struggle when you have goals to achieve,

you have all the ability to make it in life coz you run this life,

you are the driver so you decide whether to make it or mend it,

it is you who decides to keep on truck or ditch yourself on the terasses

a man will pull a cat and sustain his whole family while another one, 

will do something mportant with his life and succeed as an achiever yet.

some other men are just useless to the society,they wake up early as if 

ready to catch the worms bt end up begging in the streets all day long.

some say they have no jobs no talents nor anything toungable to work on,

but i say you all oupt to wake up and stop being lazy because laziness is next to madness,

you can do anything to prosper in life it doesnt matter what you do as long as you do something 

and dnt just sit down and wait for jesus to come back.all of us are born billionaires and trillionaires,

Never give up should be a slogan to all the lazy and weeked men who dont work but want to eat,

get out of the eat,sleep,timezone my brother and remember that your sweat will always count.

count as i say count your blessings every day as you leave and get back home from the hustle an buzzle.

All you have to do is pray and do your own part by moving one step at a time untill you and only you

get to your time zone ...Never give up.

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