A Never Ending Ride

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 23:23 -- Quimbry

Butterfly kisses up and down your neck

Sweet nothings whispered at 3 A.M.

Arms wrapped around each others waist

loving each others 

warm embrace.

I keep you so close because I love you

Id never want to let you go


Holding hands, letting go when theyve become sweaty

only to rejoin seconds after

we share smile after smile

how love to see you do so

oh, how in love I am with you


Conversations come easily and flow like water

they fill the room , every nook and cranny

and when theyre not there 

we sit in comfortable silence

either way I want to be near you




but giving you space when needed


Love is knowing one anothers boundaries

consent is a part of what we do - always

Love is loud and exciting and quiet and calming

Loving you is sharing secrets in in quiet whispers,  so no one will hear them but you

I trust you because I love you

I love you because I trust you


Love is being honest

brutally, if needed

because , Love, Id never lie to you

and sometimes it hurts

I know

but I do it because I love you

Id want you to know the truth

because what good is love if tangled up in a web of lies?


Love is something not easily defined

its more thn an emotion

and more than an experience

its something that makes you feel who knows how!

Its a drug


a natural high

it feels like a sort of never ending ride


for many, it is

   for many, it isnt


the comfortable silence can turn angry and awkward

it can be deafening and feel almost cruel

Conversations are choppy and short

what we want to say is choked back and drowned in tears

but Id never raise a hand

and I wouldnt insult you

hold back blistering words  I dont mean

because why let them out if theyre untrue?

I love you too much to do so.


Sometimes , and how it hurts, leaving is necessary

and needed to heal 

leaving doesnt mean I love you any less

it means I love you enough to know when I have to

when its for the best

Im leaving because I love you




God, how it hurts

but I do it beause I love you








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