Never Again (Pratatattat)

Since we’ve been born

We’ve heard the pratatattat of the gun

The media shows the horrid acts

Congress endlessly debates and never acts

Students crouch in corners

Teacher looking,

Hoping the day never comes

Wishing they could do more

Drill after endless drill,

Prepping for the next Columbine, Sandy Hook, and now Parkland

How many more?





How many more people, children, friends, and family need to give their lives before we act?
I say never again,

Never again will we talk and not act

Never again will we stand idly,

Glassy eyed,

As we watch the repeated debating,

same repeated meaningless words as people bury their children!

Never again will there be a parent who gets the call that their child’s school is under attack

Never again will they fear that pratatattat

Never again!


This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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