"Never Again"


Age thirteen, beaten black and violet,

she hid from a man who was too often violent.

But Daddies aren't supposed to be mean,

or leave awful marks for all to see.

Daddy promised, "Never again."

Daddy swore the beatings would end.

But Daddy drank, and again his fury reigned,

and again she cut to forget the pain.


Age fifteen, she had finally run away,

with her mother in safety she decided to stay.

But Mommy was a big mess too,

there was booze to drink and drugs to do.

Mommy promised, "Never again."

Mommy promised the neglect would end.

But like her poisonous smoke, Mommy blew her off,

and again she cut to make the pain stop.


Age seventeen, she fell in love,

a boy promised her the moon and stars above,

but his greedy heart had no space left,

his only concerns were video games and sex.

The boy promised, "Never again."

The boy swore the cheating would end.

But she caught him with not one, but five!

And again she cut...this time to end her life.


Age nineteen, she's six years in.

She found faith in God, and the strength to win.

She laid her knife forever to rest,

and firmly believed in what was best.

"Now I will say 'Never again.'

Now I say my misery will end."

And then she turned and walked away,

hand-in-hand with herself, she'll take it day by day.


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