"The neglected child"

She was neglected and abused by the people she thought loved her.

When she gave her life over to christ people started to despise her. 

They thought in their minds that she was crazy for giving her life to someone she couldn't see or touch.

The people gathered around her like a bunch of wolves thirsting after her flesh.

They persecuted her for what she had believed in.

No one believed her she tried to tell them all of the miracles that he had done.

People went on about their day looking over her as though she did not exsist.

She tried to smile the hurt away, but deep down inside her heart bled for days. 

Her parents didn't believe her they thought she had lost her mind.

They persecuted her also they even threw her out on the streets with no where to go.

She stayed on the streets for years with no home, love, peace, joy or happiness.

She stayed there and talked to god daily, and one day a rich woman came and swept her off the streets and gave her a dry place to rest her head. 

"The girl thought in her mind that this must  be who god has sent to look over me."

This actually was the woman that she have been waiting for all those years.

The woman helped her to get out and find a job and to become a rich and successful woman of God.

4 years later the woman and the girl had their own business helping people to recieve jobs.

A woman came to the desk begging and pleading for a job and it was her mother the same woman that threw her out on the streets.

She really wanted to deny her own mother, but she did the godly thing and gave her a job because she was  in need. 

All of those burdens that she had carried for all of those years had finally drifted away . 

 The Conquerer.....





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